With the 2017 General Election approaching fast we need to push social economy solutions to the top of the agenda. We’ve put together these resources to help you contact your parliamentary candidates and help us spread the word about the difference the social economy is making across the country. Read our manifesto and then get involved.

Contact your candidates

We’ve put together a simple campaigning tool which will allow you to find out who’s standing in your area along with a template email asking your candidates to read and support our manifesto.  We encourage you to edit this to tell your candidates more about your organisation and the difference you are making. You could even invite them to come and see the social economy in action.

Click here to contact your candidates and ask them to support the social economy 

Social media

Contacting your candidates directly through social media is a good way to let them know about the social economy and your work. To make things easier we’ve put together some template tweets to help you spread the word both linking to our manifesto and the campaign action to email your candidates.

Click here to download the template tweets

Template letter for local press

Download this letter to send to the editor of your local or regional paper

Sending a letter to the editor of your local or regional paper about the Social Economy Alliance’s manifesto can be an effective way of raising the profile of the social economy with your candidates. This can help introduce the social economy to new audiences and raise the profile of your own organisation